Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop version 6.0.0-alpha1edit

May 09, 2017

Tested against the latest and greatest Elasticsearch 6.0.0-alpha-1, the first alpha of ES-Hadoop for 6.0.0 includes much needed fixes to work in harmony with all the hearty changes landing in Elasticsearch 6.0.

Please note that this is an alpha release and that we do not recommend running this in production! See our Breaking Changes in 6.0 page for more information on what you might need to modify.

Known Issuesedit

  • Remove support for the TTL and Timestamp metafields #986

Breaking Changesedit

  • Timestamp formatting in index name breaks Cascading and Pig integrations #985


  • Elasticsearch is no longer started as an embedded process when running tests.

Bug Fixesedit

  • When overwriting data in a Spark Dataframe, the Dataframe will not attempt to delete data if the index already does not exist.