Setting a custom ConnectionFactory


Setting a custom ConnectionFactoryedit

The ConnectionFactory instantiates new Connection objects when requested by the Connection Pool. A single Connection represents a single node. Since the client hands actual networking work over to RingPHP, the Connection’s main job is book-keeping: Is this node alive? Did it fail a ping request? What is the host and port?

There is little reason to provide your own ConnectionFactory, but if you need to do so, you need to supply an intact ConnectionFactory object to the setConnectionFactory() method. The object should implement the ConnectionFactoryInterface interface.

class MyConnectionFactory implements ConnectionFactoryInterface

    public function __construct($handler, array $connectionParams,
                                SerializerInterface $serializer,
                                LoggerInterface $logger,
                                LoggerInterface $tracer)
       // Code here

     * @param $hostDetails
     * @return ConnectionInterface
    public function create($hostDetails)
        // Code here...must return a Connection object

$connectionFactory = new MyConnectionFactory(

$client = ClientBuilder::create()

As you can see, if you decide to inject your own ConnectionFactory, you take over the responsibility of wiring it correctly. The ConnectionFactory requires a working HTTP handler, serializer, logger and tracer.