Community Integrationsedit


ONGR Elasticsearch Bundleedit

Link: ONGR Elasticsearch Bundle

Elasticsearch Bundle was created in order to serve the need for professional Elasticsearch integration with enterprise level Symfony 2 systems. This bundle is:

  • Supported by development team.
  • Uses the official elasticsearch-php client.
  • Ensures full integration with Symfony 2 framework.

Technical goodies:

  • Provides nestable and DSL query builder to be executed by type repository services.
  • Uses Doctrine-like document / entities document-object mapping using annotations.
  • Query results iterators are provided for your convenience.
  • Registers console commands for index and types management and data import / export.
  • Designed in an extensible way for all your custom needs.
-- ONGR Elasticsearch Bundle
FOS Elastica Bundleedit

Link: FOS Elastica Bundle

This bundle provides integration with Link: Elastica for Symfony. Features include:

  • Integrates the Elastica library into a Symfony environment.
  • Automatically generate mappings using a serializer.
  • Listeners for Doctrine events for automatic indexing.
-- FOS Elastica Bundle


Elasticsearch Connectoredit

Link: Elasticsearch Connector

Elasticsearch Connector is a set of modules designed to build a full Elasticsearch eco system in Drupal.

-- Elasticsearch Connector



Link: shift31/Laravel-Elasticsearch

This is a Laravel (4+) Service Provider for the official Elasticsearch low-level client.

-- Laravel-Elasticsearch

Link: cviebrock/Laravel-Elasticsearch

An easy way to use the official Elasticsearch client in your Laravel applications.

-- Laravel-Elasticsearch

Link: Plastic

Plastic is an Elasticsearch ODM and mapper for Laravel. It renders the developer experience more enjoyable while using Elasticsearch by providing a fluent syntax for mapping, querying, and storing eloquent models.

-- Plastic


Index Helperedit

Link: nexucis/es-php-index-helper

This helper is a light library which wrap the official client elasticsearch-php. It will help you to manage your ES Indices with no downtime. This helper implements the philosophy described in the official documentation which can be summarized in a few words : use alias instead of index directly.

-- Index Helper