Indices Statsedit

Indices level stats provide statistics on different operations happening on an index. The API provides statistics on the index level scope (though most stats can also be retrieved using node level scope).

Global Statsedit

var r = this.ConnectedClient.Stats();
var deletedOnPrimaries = r.Stats.Primaries.Documents.Deleted;
var deletedOnIndexPrimaries = r.Stats.Indices["nest_test_data"].Primaries.Documents.Count;

Index Statsedit

var r = this.ConnectedClient.Stats("nest_test_data");
var deletedOnIndexPrimaries = r.Stats.Primaries.Documents.Deleted;

Stats paramsedit

var r = this.ConnectedClient.Stats(new StatsParams()
    InfoOn = StatsInfo.All,
    Refresh = true,
    Types = new List<string>{ "elasticsearchprojects" }

var x = r.Stats.Primaries.Indexing.Types["elasticsearchprojects"].Current;