Building Elasticsearch.Net and NEST should be super straightforward. Just fork and clone {github}[the repository on github] and open Elasticsearch.sln and press build. Alternatively you can run build.bat from the root to build everything the resulting assemblies will be exported to build/output.

NEST builds strong named assemblies but if you do not have the key the build script and pre build events are in place to generate one for you. The project very much believes in the F5 manifesto.

Build scriptedit

The buildscript depends on quite a few tools

  • FAKE - F# make to script the build
  • Nuget - used to install some of the dependencies
  • NUnit - to run the tests after build
  • sn.exe - used to check the validity of the signed assemblies during build/release procedures

All of these will be downloaded and installed locally in your repository the first time you run build.bat i the root of the project.

none of these are needed to build from within Visual Studio

Build targetedit

Running build.bat will default to running the Build target which will create certificates in the right place if they do not exist, build the application and run all the unit tests. The resulting assemblies are placed in build/output.

Release targetedit

Running build.bat Release versionnumber will create nuget packages in output/_packages. This could be useful if you need a feature that is not yet released you can temporarily switch to local nuget packages.

Release will call the build target and in addition patch the assembly files, build the documentation files.