This setting is only used by the shrink action.

action: shrink
description: >-
  Shrink selected indices on the node with the most available space.
  Allow master/data nodes to be potential shrink targets, but exclude
  'named_node' from potential selection.
  shrink_node: DETERMINISTIC
    permit_masters: True
    exclude_nodes: ['named_node']
  - filtertype: ...

There is no default value for node_filters.

The current sub-options are as follows:


This option indicates whether the shrink action can select master eligible nodes when using DETERMINISTIC as the value for shrink_node. The default value is False. Please note that this will exclude the elected master, as well as other master-eligible nodes.

If you have a small cluster with only master/data nodes, you must set permit_masters to True in order to select one of those nodes as a potential shrink_node.


This option provides means to exclude nodes from selection when using DETERMINISTIC as the value for shrink_node. It should be noted that you can use a named node for shrink_node and then exclude it here, and it will prevent a shrink from occurring.