- filtertype: alias
  aliases: ...

Empty values and commented lines will result in the default value, if any, being selected. If a setting is set, but not used by a given filtertype, it may generate an error.

This filtertype will iterate over the actionable list and match indices based on whether they are associated with the given aliases, which can be a single value, or an array. They will remain in, or be removed from the actionable list based on the value of exclude.

API Change in Elasticsearch 5.5.0

An update to Elasticsearch 5.5.0 changes the behavior of this filter, differing from previous 5.x versions.

If a list of aliases is provided (instead of only one), indices must appear in all listed aliases or a 404 error will result, leading to no indices being matched. In older versions, if the index was associated with even one of the aliases in aliases, it would result in a match.

Required settingsedit

Optional settingsedit