This setting is only available in the period filtertype. This setting is strictly optional.

 - filtertype: period
   source: field_stats
   direction: older
   intersect: true
   unit: weeks
   range_from: -1
   range_to: -1
   field: '@timestamp'
   stats_result: min_value

The value of this setting must be True or False.

field_stats uses the Field Stats API to calculate either the min_value and the max_value of the field as the stats_result. If intersect is True, then only indices where the min_value and the max_value are within the range_from and range_to (relative to unit) will match. This means that either min_value or max_value can be used for stats_result when intersect is True with identical results.

This setting is only used when source is field_stats.

The default value for this setting is False.