This setting is available in the age filtertype, and any filter which has the use_age setting. This setting is strictly optional.

This setting is not common. It is most frequently used for testing.

unit, unit_count, and optionally, epoch, are used by Curator to establish the moment in time point of reference with this formula:

point_of_reference = epoch - ((number of seconds in unit) * unit_count)

If epoch is unset, the current time is used. It is possible to set a point of reference in the future by using a negative value for unit_count.


 - filtertype: age
   source: creation_date
   direction: older
   unit: days
   unit_count: 3
   epoch: 1491577200

The value for this setting must be an epoch timestamp. In this example, the given epoch time of 1491577200 is 2017-04-04T15:00:00Z (UTC). This will use 3 days older than that timestamp as the point of reference for age comparisons.