This setting is only used with the age filtertype, or
with the space filtertype if use_age is set to True.

This setting must be a valid Python strftime string. It is used to match and extract the timestamp in an index or snapshot name.

The identifiers that Curator currently recognizes include:

  • Y: A 4 digit year
  • y: A 2 digit year
  • m: The 2 digit month
  • W: The 2 digit week of the year
  • d: The 2 digit day of the month
  • H: The 2 digit hour of the day, in 24 hour notation
  • M: The 2 digit minute of the hour
  • S: The 2 digit number of second of the minute
  • j: The 3 digit day of the year

These identifiers may be combined with each other, and/or separated from each other with hyphens -, periods ., underscores _, or other characters valid in an index name.

Each identifier must be preceded by a % character in the timestring. For example, an index like index-2016.04.01 would use a timestring of '%Y.%m.%d'.

When source is name, this setting must be set by the user or an exception will be raised, and execution will halt. There is no default value.