Commands using the indices subcommand:

Help Outputedit

This is the help output for index selection.

curator show indices --help
Usage: curator show indices [OPTIONS]

  Get a list of indices to act on from the provided arguments, then perform
  the command [alias, allocation, bloom, close, delete, etc.] on the
  resulting list.

  --newer-than INTEGER            Include only indices newer than n time_units
  --older-than INTEGER            Include only indices older than n time_units
  --prefix TEXT                   Include only indices beginning with prefix.
  --suffix TEXT                   Include only indices ending with suffix.
  --time-unit [hours|days|weeks|months]
                                  Unit of time to reckon by
  --timestring TEXT               Python strftime string to match your index
                                  definition, e.g. 2014.07.15 would be
  --regex TEXT                    Provide your own regex, e.g
  --exclude TEXT                  Exclude matching indices. Can be invoked
                                  multiple times.
  --index TEXT                    Include the provided index in the list. Can
                                  be invoked multiple times.
  --all-indices                   Do not filter indices.  Act on all indices.
  --help                          Show this message and exit.