Beginning with version 1.4, Elasticsearch no longer enables bloom filters for search. This command is unnecessary if your Elasticsearch version is 1.4 or higher.


From the Elasticsearch Bloom Filter Posting Format documentation

It can sometime make sense to disable bloom filters. For instance, if you are logging into an index per day, and you have thousands of indices, the bloom filters can take up a sizable amount of memory. For most queries you are only interested in recent indices, so you don’t mind CRUD operations on older indices taking slightly longer.

In these cases you can disable loading of the bloom filter on a per-index basis by updating the index settings


This setting is especially relevant to Logstash and Marvel use-cases. The bloom command allows you to disable the bloom filter cache for indices.


$ curator bloom --help
Usage: curator bloom [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Disable bloom filter cache

  --delay INTEGER  Pause *n* seconds after disabling bloom filter cache of an
                   index  [default: 0]
  --help           Show this message and exit.

  indices  Index selection.


This command requires the indices subcommand for index selection.


Disable the bloom filters (for Elasticsearch versions < 1.4):

curator bloom indices <<index selection parameters>>