Kibana breaking changesedit

This list summarizes the most important breaking changes in Kibana 7.10.2. For the complete list, go to Kibana breaking changes.

Legacy plugins support removededit

The legacy plugin system and the legacy plugin API have been removed. Legacy plugin owners should migrate their plugins to the Kibana Platform plugin API.

via #77599

Support added for Kibana Platform pluginsedit

The bin/kibana-plugin CLI has been updated to work with the new Kibana Platform plugin format instead of the legacy plugin format.

via #74604

Vega visualizations without $schema property no longer supportededit

Previously, if you did not provide the $schema property, the default value was set and hardcoded in the Vega code. The visualization was then rendered with a warning message. This introduced difficulties when updating the version of the Vega library.

Now all Vega specs must contain the $schema param. In no $schema param exists, an error message is returned. Refer to the Vega docs for more information about this property.

via #73805