APM breaking changesedit

This list summarizes the most important breaking changes in APM. For the complete list, go to APM breaking changes.

APM Server

Removed deprecated Intake v1 API endpoints. Before upgrading APM Server, ensure all APM agents are upgraded to a version that supports APM Server >= 6.5. View the agent/server compatibility matrix to determine if your agent versions are compatible.

Moved fields in Elasticsearch to be compliant with the Elastic Common Schema (ECS). APM has aligned with the field names defined in the Elastic Common Schema (ECS). Utilizing this common schema will allow for easier data correlation within Elasticsearch.

See the ECS field changes table for full details on which fields have changed.


Moved to new data endpoints. When you upgrade to 7.x, data in indices created prior to 7.0 will not automatically appear in the APM UI. We offer a Kibana Migration Assistant (in the Kibana Management section) to help you migrate your data. The migration assistant will reindex your older data in the new ECS format.