Interface Fieldsedit

The interface fields are used to record ingress and egress interface information when reported by an observer (e.g. firewall, router, load balancer) in the context of the observer handling a network connection. In the case of a single observer interface (e.g. network sensor on a span port) only the observer.ingress information should be populated.

Interface Field Detailsedit

Field Description Level


Interface alias as reported by the system, typically used in firewall implementations for e.g. inside, outside, or dmz logical interface naming.

type: keyword

example: outside


Interface ID as reported by an observer (typically SNMP interface ID).

type: keyword

example: 10


Interface name as reported by the system.

type: keyword

example: eth0


Field Reuseedit

The interface fields are expected to be nested at:

  • observer.egress.interface
  • observer.ingress.interface

Note also that the interface fields are not expected to be used directly at the root of the events.