Elastic Cloud Control (ecctl) v1.7.0edit

What’s new | Changelog

Welcome to the v1.7.0 release of Elastic Cloud Control. This version brings new features.

Elastic Cloud Control (ecctl) is Elastic’s CLI to manage Elasticsearch Service (ESS) and Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE).

Download the release binaries:


What’s newedit

  • Update elastic/cloud-sdk-go to v1.7.0. Includes all the new API changes for ECE 2.13.0.


3728b14 docs: Add note about the EC Terraform provider (#534)
7e524e1 fix(deps): update module github.com/go-openapi/strfmt to v0.21.1 (#533)
e724706 fix(deps): update go-openapi packages to v0.21.0 (#532)
3cb7d54 Windows: Absorb the difference of syscall.Stdin (#529)
0291bc9 fix(deps): update go-openapi packages (#527)
67dda30 Fix env variable name with Github token (#526)
95022e8 Auto-generate NOTICE (#524)
c0fe03e fix(deps): update golang.org/x/term commit hash to 03fcf44 (#525)
e55f979 deps: Update NOTICE (#509)
35094b5 fix(deps): update module github.com/spf13/viper to v1.9.0 (#523)
2db6bcc fix(deps): update golang.org/x/term commit hash to 140adaa (#522)
bda67fe chore(deps): update actions/setup-go action to v2 (#520)
94b8b5b fix(deps): update golang.org/x/term commit hash to 6886f2d (#517)
98aa67c Update minor version
7208409 Use extra token for master
dd084f9 chore(deps): update actions/cache action to v2 (#518)
ccf7f52 Remove Github token (#516)
1024b9c Fix make target (#515)
bc20596 Fix release job (#514)

Release date: December 08, 2021