Elastic Cloud Control (ecctl) v1.0.0-beta1

Elastic Cloud Control (ecctl) v1.0.0-beta1edit

What’s new | Bug fixes | Breaking changes | Changelog

Welcome to the v1.0.0-beta1 release of Elastic Cloud Control. This version brings new features, some breaking changes, and bug fixes.

Elastic cloud control (ecctl) is Elastic’s CLI interface to manage the Elastic Cloud Enterprise platform and is now open for a public beta.

Download the release binaries:


What’s newedit

  • Create Kibana and APM resources with new deployment APIs. With the availability of our deployment APIs for ECE, we’ve switched the ecctl deployment command to make use of the new APIs. This change ensures better supportability and compatibility with ECE functionality and allows you to control your deployments fully.

    Use the ecctl deployment commands to:

    • Create, update, read, and delete deployments
    • Perform maintenance and upgrades
    • Start and stop deployments
  • Improved version output. The ecctl version command now returns more information:

    $ ecctl version
    Version:               1.0.0-beta1
    Client API Version:    2.4.2
    Go version:            go1.13.5
    Git commit:            4fcde59a
    Built:                 Fri 20 Dec 05:58:12 2019
    OS/Arch:               darwin / amd64
  • Track resource changes with the --track flag. Most commands that involve deployment plan changes now let you track the progress for your changes with the --track flag. The flag is available for the following commands:

    • deployment create
    • deployment update
    • deployment shutdown
  • Override the failsafe during vacate operations with the --override-failsafe flag. When using the ecctl platform allocator vacate command, you can now specify the --override-failsafe flag, which causes Elastic Cloud Enterprise to accept changes even when they are believed to lead to data loss.

    This flag is intended to help you complete a vacate operation, but it must be used with caution. Data loss is likely.

  • New Commands. We added a number of new commands to implement API functionality:

    • Deployment commands:

      ecctl deployment create
      Creates a deployment from a file definition, allowing certain flag overrides.
      ecctl deployment delete
      Deletes a previously stopped deployment from the platform.
      ecctl deployment list
      Lists the platform’s deployments.
      ecctl deployment restore
      Restores a previously shut down deployment and all of its associated sub-resources.
      ecctl deployment search
      Performs advanced deployment search using the Elasticsearch Query DSL.
      ecctl deployment shutdown
      Shuts down a deployment and all of its associated sub-resources.
      ecctl deployment upgrade
      Updates a deployment from a file definition, allowing certain flag overrides
    • We also added a plan cancel for deployment resources:

      ecctl deployment plan cancel
    • Deployment resource commands:

      ecctl deployment resource delete
      Deletes a previously shut down deployment resource.
      ecctl deployment resource restore
      Restores a previously shut down deployment resource.
      ecctl deployment resource shutdown
      Shuts down a deployment resource by its type and ref-id.
      ecctl deployment resource start
      Starts a previously stopped deployment resource.
      ecctl deployment resource start-maintenance
      Starts maintenance mode on a deployment resource.
      ecctl deployment resource stop
      Stops a deployment resource.
      ecctl deployment resource stop-maintenance
      Stops maintenance mode on a deployment resource.
      ecctl deployment resource upgrade
      Upgrades a deployment resource.
    • Elasticsearch keystore commands:

      ecctl elasticsearch keystore show
      Shows the Elasticsearch cluster keystore settings.
      ecctl elasticsearch keystore set
      Updates an Elasticsearch cluster keystore with the contents of a file.
  • Simpler initialization. TLS verification has been turned off for the init command so that you can configure ecctl against a self-signed ECE instance with greater ease.
  • Improved documentation. We now include the full ecctl command reference with our official documentation. We also added auto-completion instructions to the docs.

Bug fixesedit

  • The ecctl user key show command no longer sends faulty parameters to the API server and now works as expected.
  • The init command now writes the JSON configuration without returning an error.
  • The --timeout flag is now honored as expected, where before a static 30s timeout was used even when Http.Client.Timeout was specified.
  • API errors which previously were returned as unknown error (status xxx) are now unpacked as expected.
  • The user key show command now works as expected. Previously, the Key ID was being set instead of the User ID.

Breaking changesedit

  • Removed pluralized list commands. We removed all plurals from ecctl commands and now use only the format ecctl <COMMAND> list. Commands removed by this change are:

    • allocators
    • constructors
    • enrollment-tokens
    • proxies
    • stacks
    • filtered-groups
  • Removed deployment elasticsearch create command. We removed this command, because it does not support some future requirements related to creating deployments.


97c3985 Adding ecctl icon to repo (#111)
a752cec Fix command wording (#108)
5939798 stack: Skip returning an error on packed __MACOSX (#105)
0f5a632 elasticsearch: Fix broken diagnostics command (#110)
4945fbb cmd: Add default region to APM and Kibana create (#109)
398bf99 cmd: Remove newer version check on ecctl version (#103)
4fcde59 Add auto completion intruction to docs (#101)
f3d653a user: Fix key show command (#106)
f8eb428 Convert command reference files to Asciidoctor (#61)
997c7e2 fix refid discovery and require confirmation (#104)
99b8d28 Update ecctl-getting-started.asciidoc (#102)
0b30073 Add timeout values to ecctl.Config (#100)
35bcb95 dep: update cloud-sdk-go to v1.0.0-bc9 (#98)
67baf3d go.sum: Update hashes to the latest version (#97)
ce54eda cmd: Add ref-id auto-discovery to resource upgrade (#92)
f3d09b3 cmd: update resource params to use common struct (#96)
7c2be04 cmd: Add deployment resource delete command (#88)
bd7c910 Version: Change to v1.0.0-beta1 (#94)
1579791 cmd: Add deployment resource restore command (#87)
706b480 cmd: add deployment resource start/start-maintenance commands (#89)
033f06d cmd: Add deployment resource stop and stop-maintenance cmds (#81)
d2c27b5 cmd: Add deployment resource shutdown command (#86)
dbad10d cmd: Remove elasticsearch create (#93)
d4ee664 build(deps): bump github.com/go-openapi/runtime from 0.19.8 to 0.19.9 (#85)
c56296c build(deps): bump github.com/go-openapi/strfmt from 0.19.3 to 0.19.4 (#84)
e642e41 cmd: Add --track flag to deployment commands (#80)
c66d3bf cmd: Migrate apm create to deployments API (#79)
bd75994 Support vacate override failsafe (#82)
73c0fac cmd: Add deployment resource upgrade command (#76)
d1409c8 build(deps): bump github.com/spf13/viper from 1.5.0 to 1.6.1 (#75)
aaa5d87 cmd: Migrate kibana create to deployments API (#71)
88c7938 cmd: Add deployment plan cancel (#72)
520dbf8 docs: Remove tap pin step from brew instructions (#70)
ea03569 cmd: Move elasticsearch create to deployment API (#67)
ce9bbdd Remove ErrCatchTransport from default http client (#66)
a318a5f cmd: Fix init command on unexisting .ecctl folder (#64)
8dcfa6e deployment: Fix show resource type command (#57)
841ddef elasticsearch: Add keystore management commands (#58)
72fc278 http: Add api.DefaultTransport in http.Client (#59)
21176cd deployment: Add update command (#55)
143ffe5 init: Remove mentions of ESS in config bootstrap (#54)
c0ae026 docs: Remove region mentions (#50)
7d63ff8 version: Extend output to include ECE API Version (#53)
8d72808 init: Ensure homepath is created (#51)
a4eb0ac docs: Change the term Kibana Cluster to instance (#49)
78dd825 go.mod: Update cloud-sdk-go to version v1.0.0-bc4 (#48)
7ba34cc remove plural aliases and update docs (#47)
d05811e init: Skips TLS validation on API calls (#39)
1bd7726 deployment: Add restore command (#38)
b32c889 deployment: Add create command (#36)
f1c5258 deployment: Add delete command (#35)
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93444fd build(deps): bump github.com/go-openapi/runtime from 0.19.7 to 0.19.8 (#33)
fb7681b deployment: Add search command (#34)
ee092c6 deployment: Add shutdown command (#32)
a01959c deployment: Add list command (#30)
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eade2fb Bump Go version to 1.13 (#31)
3a3c81f Beta doc updates (#23)
d994fa4 Improve user documentation (#22)
7d10b3e trivial: fixes various typos (#19)
ad77c57 trivial: bump golanci version to 1.21 (#20)
ddafa35 ci: run go build action in PRs (#21)
3b1b1ef Convert the ecctl docs to Asciidoctor (#7)
0472113 ci: remove uneccesary gh info (#16)

Release date: January 9, 2020