Elastic Cloud Control (ecctl) v1.6.0edit

What’s new | Changelog

Welcome to the v1.6.0 release of Elastic Cloud Control. This version brings new features.

Elastic Cloud Control (ecctl) is Elastic’s CLI to manage Elasticsearch Service (ESS) and Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE).

Download the release binaries:


What’s newedit

  • Update elastic/cloud-sdk-go to v1.6.0. Includes all the new API changes for ECE 2.12.0.
  • Improves the documentation for the ecctl deployment elasticsearch keystore command adding more information about how to format the file that is passed to the command, where to find more info and a couple of examples.


ff9089b Update cloud-sdk-go (#511)
f1a6f97 scripts: Remove goreleaser from deps target (#512)
8a2d6f6 docs: Improve elasticsearch keystore cmd help (#508)
cf59a55 init: Add an ESS API Key creation link (#506)
7e00608 Update version to 1.6.0
b6ba0b3 [docs] Update docs for getting started (#502)
c1b5789 release: Update releasing doc (#501)
db080f4 release: Automate version updates on all branches (#499)
f12e34a go: Update to latest 1.17 version (#500)
c0f11b1 scripts: Use go install rather than gobin (#498)

Release date: September 10, 2021