Elastic Cloud Control (ecctl) v1.0.0-beta3edit

What’s new | Bug fixes | Breaking changes | Changelog

Welcome to the v1.0.0-beta3 release of Elastic Cloud Control. This version brings new features, some breaking changes, and bug fixes.

Elastic cloud control (ecctl) is Elastic’s CLI to manage Elasticsearch Service (ESS) and Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE). It is now open for a public beta.

Download the release binaries:


What’s newedit

  • The ecctl init command supports ESS and Elasticsearch Service Private users. You will see a few new options in the init flow. These include the ability to choose your Elastic Cloud offering, and region if you are an Elasticsearch Service customer.

Bug fixesedit

  • Deployment tracking fixed. Previously the --track flag for any command that targeted the deployments API was broken. We are now using a new deployment tracker which also supports AppSearch.

Breaking changesedit

  • Commands which used the deprecated clusters API have been removed. Actions performed through these commands are available with their ecctl deployment or ecctl deployment resource counterparts. The following commands and their subcommands have been removed:

    • ecctl deployment elasticsearch
    • ecctl deployment kibana
    • ecctl deployment apm
    • ecctl deployment appsearch
  • Deployment create command behavior change. This command no longer supports overriding JSON template fields with flags.
  • --hide flag removed from deployment shutdown command. Deployments that have been shut down are now hidden by default. There is no need for this flag any more.


c381b3a docs: Update deployment create help wording (#271)
aba5448 cmd: rephrase deployment create flag, error and help text (#278)
ededc9a Docs: add usages examples to ecctl docs (#284)
ef15eff docs: Omitting ece-only support statement from readme (#282)
cb1b94c cmd: remove deployment shutdown --hide flag (#280)
194c7dc misc: update issue template labels (#279)
53cafd8 docs: Update release documentation and release GH issue template (#274)
629d5cf docs: add references to Elasticsearch Service (#267)
316bc36 cmd: Show ESS options in init command (#268)
0ab9525 cmd: Change --cluster flag to --resource-id (#270)
e6fdaf1 deps: Update SDK dependency to v1.0.0-beta3 (#269)
f7b3691 misc: Add delivery team as docs codeowner (#266)
2eaa827 docs: Remove reference to Ansible and Terraform (#264)
3e02129 docs: Add Nik and Arianna as CODEOWNERS (#263)
03b1a51 build(deps): bump github.com/spf13/viper from 1.6.2 to 1.6.3 (#260)
bad99dd misc: Fix App Search typos (#259)
a48a843 api: Remove code that is related to clusters API (#258)
4cc6cce ecctl: Prefix config parsing error (#254)
ceee1ba docs: update getting-started ascii doc to reflect the project’s current status (#255)
d2ddcc8 cmd: remove "deployment elasticsearch" command and subcommand (#251)
06bf08f formatter: Remove apm and kibana text templates (#250)
3e9e5bf docs: Adds Asciidoc generation to "make docs" (#249)
6cc3382 Remove "deployment kibana" command and subcommand (#248)
198a13b Fix broken link to docs (#246)
7191fd4 docs: Update asciidocs to reflect latest changes (#244)
4591847 cmd: Remove deployment appsearch specific commands (#243)
551f5d6 Remove "deployment apm" command and subcommands (#241)
3967e94 cmd: Add missing NewTrackParams tests (#242)
462d397 deps: revert multierror to 1.0.0 (#240)
e216ee5 cmd: Temporarily remove ability to create a flag based deployment (#239)
133cfff tracker: Use deployment tracker in all tracking (#234)
a8cdffe build(deps): bump github.com/hashicorp/go-multierror from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0 (#238)
8cddd59 build(deps): bump github.com/go-openapi/runtime from 0.19.14 to 0.19.15 (#237)
820fa76 docs: remove negative connotation (#236)
5903f54 build(deps): bump github.com/spf13/cobra from 0.0.6 to 0.0.7 (#235)
477efc1 cmd: specify that deployment delete command is ECE specific (#233)
2bfa679 cmd: specify that deployment template commands are ECE specific (#232)
46ad1cd cmd: add instance flags to deployment create command (#224)
84cf2ce misc: change codeowners (#227)
b0ca1a9 build(deps): bump github.com/go-openapi/runtime from 0.19.12 to 0.19.14 (#222)
9d6ab54 docs: Add brew upgrade instructions (#219)
d743d9b init: Change example command to deployment list (#218)
4a73736 docs: Modify changelog generator for adoc files (#217)
b3f6d85 Fix GitHub release action (#214)
cd57f9f Fix small formatting mistake on Release Notes (#215)

Release date: May 12, 2020