Enhancements and bug fixes - March 2024


Enhancements and bug fixes - March 2024edit

The following changes are included in this release.


Enable configuring Kibana with an updated Elastic GPG public key. Added a ConfigStoreOption for configuring a new GPG key in Kibana for instances running on Elastic Cloud.


Remove snapshot repo for cloned deployment. New functionality that allows users to remove access to a source deployment’s snapshot repo from a cloned deployment.

Passive Liveness Checks for application instances. Add passive liveness checks in the Proxy on application instances to avoid routing to dead instances more quickly.

Improved IC zone awareness. Improved awareness of some instance configurations only being available in a subset of availability zones. This improves the validation of number of zones requested for a cluster and handling of insufficient capacity.

Enable Profiling integrations by default for all Cloud deployments. Universal Profiling plugin is already enabled by default for all Cloud deployments. Profiling integrations in APM and Infra are enabled by default as well starting from 8.12.1.

Bug fixesedit

Check Content-Length for existence of request body to determine retry. Fix Proxy retry logic for retryable request errors.

Fix issue deserializing except role mapping rule. Fixed an issue where plan changes can fail with "The role mapping elastic-cloud-sso-kibana-do-not-change could not be configured" when using a custom SSO role mapping.