Enhancements and bug fixes - January 2024edit

The following changes are included in this release.


Long time unassigned persistent ML tasks rule and investigation dashboard Updates the alerting rules and dashboards for long time unassigned persistent machine learning tasks in staging and production.


Update machine learning and transform alerting rule and dashboards Updates the "ML Serverless failed to update model snapshot" rule and the following dashboards:

  • ML Auto Scaling
  • ML failed to update model snapshot investigation
  • Transform increase in errors investigation

Constructor should stop clearing read only flag in 7.4 and later. For versions 7.4 and later Elasticsearch Service will stop clearing the flood stage read only flag after completing a plan change as these versions handle this automatically. This will speed up completing plans in clusters with many indices.

Show the newer version badge for "new" style templates as well. Shows if there’s a newer version of a template in the migrate template flyout.

Use application level input/output activity checks to sever transfers to unresponsive target machines. Detects stalled connections when copying data with Primitive Vacates and closes these connections instead of letting the process get stuck.

Bug fixesedit

Fix log level filter for Logs view. Fixes a bug that prevents users from filtering on log level in the Logs and Metrics page.

Only rollback new instances when a maintenance is rolled back in grow and shrink plan. Fixes a bug that could cause a cluster to become unavailable by cancelling the plan after the “set-maintenace“ step in a grow and shrink plan.

Fix issue where we prevent removing role assignments for projects that no longer exist. Fixes an issue where scoped role assignments for a project that no longer exists cannot be removed.

Check Content-Length for existence of request body to determine retry. Fixes proxy retry logic for retryable request errors.


Remove Deploymentnotes route. Removes the DeploymentNotesRoute which was deprecated 18 months ago and is no longer in use.

Breaking changesedit

Change firehose default data stream to logs-awsfirehose-default. Change AWS Firehose to send logs to logs-awsfirehose-default data stream as default.