Enhancements and bug fixesedit

The following changes are included in this release.


Profiling: Add symbolizer configuration keys via Kibana. To enable the setup of Universal Profiling symbolizer in integrations server, we add configuration keys with the required Cloud env details.

Watcher: Allow configuring custom email service. Custom Watcher email accounts can now be configured.

You can now use a custom mail server for Watcher instead of the one provided by Elastic. For more information, check the Enable Watcher documentation.

Configurable batch size of the Endpoint user artifact packager. The xpack.fleet.createArtifactsBulkBatchSize configuration option enables you to adjust the batch size used when creating or editing Endpoint user artifacts such as Trusted Applications, Event Filters, or Endpoint Exceptions. This is useful for users that maintain large amounts of Agent Policies with the Elastic Defend integration enabled. It should only be necessary to adjust when you notice strain on your systems when editing or creating Endpoint user artifacts.


[UI] remove ML from the calculation for dedicated masters. Remove ML from the calculation for dedicated masters.

Bug fixesedit

Index deployment resources fields in root. Fixes an issue where deployments aren’t searchable by their resource ID of Elasticsearch or Kibana.

Metricbeat cannot collect disk usage. Fixes a bug where Metricbeat cannot collect stats on disk usage.