Enhancements and bug fixesedit

The following changes are included in this release.

Breaking changesedit

Updated deployment search syntax. We have improved the syntax and capabilities of term and phrase queries in the deployment search box in the console UI. When searching for prefixes, you now must include the * wildcard character at the end of the query. We’ve updated the examples in the UI to illustrate the allowed syntax.


API key expiration notifications. Elasticsearch Service now sends an email notification when an Elasticsearch Service API key is nearing expiration.

Set reason for allocator maintenance mode. Adds an optional reason parameter to Elastic Cloud Enterprise’s Start maintenance mode and Stop maintenance mode APIs for allocators. You can use the parameter to specify why an allocator was put into maintenance mode. The reason appears as a comment in admin console.

Expiration duration for API keys. Adds an optional expiration duration to the Create API key API.

Bug fixesedit

Prevent scoped Deployment admins from creating deployments. Fixes an issue that allowed Deployment admins who are scoped to specific deployments to create but not access new deployments. With this change, Deployment admins who are scoped to specific deployments can’t create new deployments.