Newly released deployment templates for Integrations Server, Master, and Coordinatingedit

Newly released deployment templates change the maximum instance size for Integrations Server (previously APM & Fleet Server), Master, and Coordinating. The Integrations Server nodes are now able to scale up to a maximum of 32GB and Master and Coordinating nodes can scale up to a maximum of 64GB.

Integrations Server version limitationedit

With older templates, the Integrations Servers would be scaled up to 8GB before they were scaled out. For example, when creating a deployment with an Integrations Server of size 16GB, then 2x8GB instances were created. With the new templates, 1x16GB instance will be created.

The new templates are optimized for Integrations Servers of version 8.6.0 or higher. When using the Integrations Server for the APM use case, we do not recommend switching to the new templates for older versions, as this would have a negative impact on performance and throughput of the Integrations Server.