Enhancements and bug fixesedit

The following changes are included in this release.


Add ingest_pipeline metricset to ES monitoring. Enables shipping ingest pipeline metrics for Elasticsearch when logging and monitoring is enabled. Requires Elastic Stack version 8.7.0 or higher.

Use 7.17.9 BC2 as bundled version. Elasticsearch Service now comes with version 7.17.9 bundled in use by system clusters.


Allow to create deployments with all non-EOL versions. Using the Elasticsearch Service API, you can now create new deployments with all non-EOL Elastic stack versions.

Bug fixesedit

Fix re-apply button in UI. Fixes an issue where the "re-apply" button was not showing for user-initiated plan changes.

Fix bug on Deployments List health filters to allow selecting multiple values. With this fix you are now able to select multiple health filters on the Deployments List page.