Enhancements and bug fixesedit

The following changes are included in this release.


Endpoint to download CA certificate for a deployment. You can now download for any deployment the certificate authority used to sign the certificates of that deployment.

Add DirectTrustSetting. You can now upload CA certificates to be trusted by individual deployments in order to configure these as remote connections in Elasticsearch.

Enable using different domain for azure storage. Support is now enabled for the different domain used by blob storage in Azure GovCloud.


Allow list kibana setting "elasticsearch.maxSockets: integer". Elasticsearch-js supports configuring the maximum number of concurrent sockets to be used when communicating with Elasticsearch, as part of the HTTP connection options. This setting is now configurable through Kibana.

Change the confirmation modal to require the deployment’s name. The delete deployment confirmation modal in the Elasticsearch Service UI has been updated to require the name of the deployment to be typed instead of the word "DELETE", as a way to ensure people know which deployment they are deleting.

Bug fixesedit

Fix bug for adding a Billing Contact. Fixed a bug related to adding a Billing Contact without first accepting the Elasticsearch Service Terms of Service. This also fixes a bug in which users couldn’t leave organizations because they hadn’t accepted the Terms of Service.

Remove xpack.reporting.queue.pollEnabled user setting. Support for the xpack.reporting.queue.pollEnabled user setting has been from the allowed user settings. The setting isn’t applicable in a Cloud environment.


Remove Tunneling SSl page ESS/ECH. In the Elasticsearch Service documentation, we have removed the Tunneling SSL page that was previously marked as deprecated. We do not recommend using HTTP clients to connect to Elastic Cloud. If you need to do so, you should use a reverse proxy setup. If you have any concerns, contact support.

Replace shards visualization. In the Elasticsearch Service UI, the Elasticsearch shards pie visualisation has been replaced with shard counts.