Enhancements and bug fixesedit

The following changes are included in this release.


Migrate to node_roles when enabling warm tier. Enabling the warm data tier will now automatically migrate a deployment configuration from using node_type to using node_roles. To learn more about the new node_roles field, check Changes to index allocation and API.

Enable configuration settings for Workplace Search synonym limits and remote query timeout. The following settings are now available in Elasticsearch Service:

  • Configurable limit settings for Workplace Search synonyms, including the total number of synonym sets (workplace_search.synonyms.sets.limit) and the number of terms per synonym set (workplace_search.synonyms.terms_per_set.limit). This setting is available in stack versions 7.14.0 and higher.
  • Configurable remote source query timeout for the Workplace Search - Search API, when querying across remote sources (workplace_search.remote_sources.query_timeout). This setting is available in stack versions 7.15.0 and higher.

Automatically show a traffic filters flyout for URL parameters. Opening a /traffic-filters?filter_type=ip&provider=azure&region=[FROM AZURE] URL, now shows a traffic filter page with the create flyout present and IP address preselected. Opening a /traffic-filters?filter_type=endpoint&provider=azure&region=[FROM AZURE]&resource_name=[FROM AZURE]&resource_id=[FROM AZURE] URL shows a traffic filter page with the Create traffic filter flyout present and the Private link endpoint option preselected. The Region, Resource name, and Resource ID fields are pre-populated.

Add support for OOM heap dumps to Enterprise Search. OOM heap dump support has been extended to Enterprise Search instances. For Enterprise Search instances you can capture a heap dump on an Out of Memory event and it will be accessible through the Elasticsearch Service UI and API.

Bug fixesedit

Use correct unit to format invoiced amount in billing history page. Fixed a bug where the Invoiced amount column of the Billing history page was using the wrong units.

Traffic filters UI: set initial state of region selector to empty, to match component internal state. Fixed a bug that prevented users from creating traffic filters when the default cloud provider and region were selected.

Template name changes for pricing calculator. Fixed a bug that caused the pricing calculator to show the incorrect name for hardware profiles in the pricing calculator.

Fix zero price for tiebreaker instance. Fixed a bug that displayed a price of $0.000 on the edit page for tiebreaker Elasticsearch instances.


Remove curation and ILM configuration from Create and Edit Deployment. The UI for configuring index curation has been removed. For any older deployments that require index curation changes, the API remains available.


Add Node.js application logging tutorial to ESS docs. As a further expansion to our Elasticsearch Service ingestion documentation, we’ve added a new guide Ingest logs from a Node.js web application using Filebeat.