Enhancements and bug fixesedit

The following changes are included in this release.


Support Enterprise Search with on-demand heap dump capture. Extended on-demand heap dump capture to Enterprise Search instances.

Extend ConfigSettingsService to configure Enterprise Search setting kibana.external_url. A new Enterprise Search setting kibana.external_url is added. This setting is used by Enterprise Search to link to the Kibana instance in the same deployment.

Introduce a more predictable mechanism to allocate CPU resources. We removed the CPU overcommit factor that could sometimes cause an unexpected decrease in CPU resources and inconsistent performance.

Add password visibility to sign-up page. New show password functionality is added to the Elastic Cloud sign-up page.

New create deployment experience. Removed the ability to select different templates when creating a deployment and enhanced the overall deployment creation user experience.

Improved create deployment waiting experience. Simplified the user experience while a new deployment is being created.

Bug fixesedit

Fix move instance validation performance issue. Fixed a performance issue that occurred when moving instances are validated.

Frozen autoscaling size display. Fixed the display of searchable storage sizing for frozen tiers, when autoscaling is turned on.

Display frozen tier usage as MB. Fixed a unit conversion bug where the number of bytes was shown as the number of megabytes for frozen tier usage.


Add Python application logging tutorial to ESS docs. We added a new guide to help you ingest logging data into Elasticsearch Service: Ingest logs from a Python application using Filebeat.