Enhancements and bug fixesedit

The following changes are included in this release.


Display storage for all data nodes. Display storage amount for all data instances on the create deployment page.

Dynamically apply changes to v6 Kibana saved objects in ApplyKibanaClusterSystemAssets so they’re compatible with 7.12. ECE 2.11 introduces the upgrade of the logging-and-metrics system cluster to version 7.12.

There is a possibility that some of the default ECE dashboards break after the upgrade - in particular, we’ve identified that some of the visualizations in the [Metricbeat Docker] Overview dashboard are likely to break. For that reason, we advise that users export Kibana saved objects through the Kibana UI before upgrading ECE to 2.10. If they notice that a Kibana dashboard is not working after the upgrade, they should reimport the saved object through the Kibana UI.


Rework conditional logic for ValidateEnoughDiskSpace. The step "Validating disk space" will not show up as often in the plan activity log for plans which do not downsize the cluster.

Force new Kibana instance if the deployment alias changes. Restart Kibana when the deployment alias is changed. This is to make sure the server.publicBaseUrl setting in Kibana is picked up on changes to the deployment alias.

Set server.publicBasePath for every Kibana deployment. Every cloud deployment of Kibana will have the setting server.publicBasePath automatically configured to the URL of Kibana.

Rework conditional logic for EnsureCleanAllocationsStep. The step "Ensuring valid shard allocation rules are present" will not run as often during plans when it doesn’t need to.

[ZK History pruning] Stale attempts detection and autocleaning. - Adds a mechanism by which plan attempts entries older than 30 days (this age can be changed through the STALE_ATTEMPTS_AGE constructor service environment variable) will be deleted upon plan changes as long as they are not the last train of failed old attempts or the last old successful attempt.

Rework conditional logic for RunIndexCuration. The step "Running index curation" will not run during plans as often when it does not need to.

Enable data pipeline logging on director. Director service logs are now shipped to the logging & metrics cluster.

Rework conditional logic for ApplyCurationSettings. The step "Applying index curation settings" will not run as often when it does not need to.

Adding monitoring.cluster_alerts.allowedSpaces to Kibana settings. Allows users to restrict which spaces the auto generated cluster alerts are created in for Stack Monitoring.

Add Kibana ECS audit settings. Adds new Kibana ECS audit logging settings to allow list.

Bug fixesedit

Use validated deployment alias for ConfigSettingsService. Fixes a bug to correctly update server.publicBaseUrl when removing the alias from a deployment.

Tolerate absent awareness.attributes. Fixes a bug that would cause plans to fail if an ES cluster had transient awareness settings without specific attributes set.

Don’t show "Delete APM" in every plan change when it’s been already deleted. Fixes a bug where, after Enterprise Search or APM are removed from a deployment, they still appear in the UI plan summary in subsequent plan changes, as if they were not removed from the deployment.

Limit master instances to one node per zone. Fixes a bug that allowed users to have more than one dedicated master node in a zone.

Fix crashes in the deployment template view when the monitoring deployment couldn’t be found. When a deployment template includes observability configuration, the deployment template view would incorrectly search for the referenced deployment by cluster ID, not by deployment ID. When this fails to match any deployments, the entire page would fail. Now we can correctly search by deployment ID, and show a relevant error when no deployment is found.

Fix title alignment in Billing tabs. A recent update to the billing area caused a very minor inconsistency with the vertical alignment of titles across the different tabs. This is now fixed.


Traffic filters are not compatible with monitoring due to Metricbeat. Traffic filtering is not compatible with monitoring.