New logging features, better GCP marketplace self service available


New logging features, better GCP marketplace self service availableedit

Elasticsearch Service now supports additional features that let you do more with our hosted offering:

  • New logging features. You can now supplement your deployment monitoring by shipping logs to a monitoring deployment. The new functionality makes extra logging features available, including audit logging, and lets you search and analyze your deployment logs in Kibana.

    To get started, check Enable logging and monitoring.

  • Better Google Cloud Platform Marketplace self service. Subscriptions through the GCP marketplace have been available for a while, but upgrading or downgrading your subscription level previously required that you contact us. With this latest release, you now can:

    • Upgrade and downgrade subscription levels yourself
    • Check detailed resource pricing for GCP Marketplace in the pricing calculator

    To learn more about subscribing to Elasticsearch Service this way, check GCP Marketplace billing.

  • Change your login method. You can switch between a password-based login or use Google Sign-In, and update which email address you use.

Service release: October 6, 2020