Elastic solutions and Microsoft Azure Marketplace integration available


Elastic solutions and Microsoft Azure Marketplace integration availableedit

Elasticsearch Service now supports additional features that let you do more with our hosted offering:

  • Elastic solutions support. Elastic Enterprise Search, Elastic Observability, and Elastic Security are now all available as deployment templates and come pre-configured with optimal virtualized hardware.

    Why this change matters:

    • Enjoy a simpler getting started experience not just with the Elastic Stack but with our Elastic solutions as well. Gone is the hardware-based choice you had to make about deployment templates. Instead, you now choose the solution that’s best for your use case and go.
    • Easily explore solutions right within a single deployment. There’s no need to spin up a brand new deployment and to ingest data in order to explore additional products. Now it’s just a matter of enabling a solution to start using it.
    • Benefit from seamless integration with Elastic products and solutions. When we spin up your deployment, we deep link you to Kibana or Elastic Enterprise Search to make the experience seamless.

      To get started, deploy your Elastic solutions directly from the Elasticsearch Service Console.

  • Microsoft Azure Marketplace integration. For new accounts, you can now sign up for Elasticsearch Service from the Azure marketplace. Billing goes directly to your Microsoft Azure account, so that you do not have to set up any new payment forms or establish a new billing relationship with us. Once signed up, you can create deployments in all Azure regions and benefit from the rich features available, including our Elastic solutions. Start with our Standard subscription level and upgrade to Gold or Platinum to get the features and support that are right for you. Learn more …​

Service release: September 15, 2020