Elasticsearch Service AWS instance configurations


Elasticsearch Service AWS instance configurationsedit

Amazon EC2 (AWS) C6gd, M6gd & R6gd instances, powered by AWS Graviton2, are now available for Elastic Cloud deployments. C6gd, M6gd & R6gd VMs use the Graviton2, ARM neoverse N1 cores and provide high compute coupled with fast NVMe storage, which makes them a good fit to power Elastic workloads. In addition, Graviton2 VMs also offer more than a 20% improvement in price-performance over comparable Intel chipsets.

In addition to AWS Graviton2 instances, Amazon EC2 (AWS) C5d, M5d, I3, I3en, and D2/D3 instances are now available for Elastic Cloud deployments in all supported AWS Cloud Regions.

For specific AWS hardware and availability details, check the Regional availability of instances per AWS region and the AWS default provider instance configurations.