2.13.0 release highlightsedit

Known issuesedit

Upgrading Elasticsearch to version 8.14.0 from any version prior to 8.4.0 leads to Elasticsearch Pods not reaching a ready state. To avoid the issue, first upgrade to any version between 8.4.0 and up to and including 8.13.2 and then upgrade to 8.14.0.

New and notableedit

New and notable changes in version 2.13.0 of Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes. Check Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes version 2.13.0 for the full list of changes.

ECK Enterprise Search Helm chartedit

ECK 2.13.0 supports managing Enterprise search resources via Helm charts, similarly to other components of the Elastic stack (see examples).

Allow disabling the elastic useredit

ECK 2.13.0 introduces a new option that allows a user to disable the elastic user from being created upon Elasticsearch creation. A use case for this would be when an organization/user would prefer to manage all users/roles via SSO (SAML/IDP/LDAP/etc) (see documentation).

Logstash on ECK generally availableedit

With ECK 2.13.0, support for Logstash is moving out of technical preview and is now generally available (GA). Logstash managed by ECK is now considered production-ready.

Logstash licensing on ECKedit

ECK’s resource management accounting has been modified to include Logstash resources managed by ECK, which is provided for informational purposes. Billable consumption depends on license terms on a per customer basis (See Self Managed Subscription Agreement).