1.1.2 release highlightsedit

New and notableedit

This release contains bug fixes especially relevant for

  • users with custom certificates configured
  • users deploying ECK into dual-stack Kubernetes clusters

as well as some minor bug fixes.

Upgrade notesedit

In ECK 1.1.0, users using custom certificates would be required to specify a certificate authority (CA), even if the CA was present in the system certificates. This was a regression in 1.1.0 and has been fixed in 1.1.2. Users with custom certificates that are signed by a well-known CA will now function without the user specifying the CA explicitly.

In dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) clusters, the ipFamily field of any Service is defaulted and immutable. Previous versions of ECK would try to reset this field and fail. ECK 1.1.2 resolves this behavior and will leave the ipFamily field intact. Note that at this time ECK does not support running on IPv6, this simply allows it to run in Kubernetes clusters with the IPv6DualStack feature flag enabled.