1.0.0 release highlightsedit

General availabilityedit

Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes has graduated from beta and is now in general availability.

Resource version promotionedit

Custom resources have graduated to version v1. Manifests for v1beta1 will still function, but are deprecated and should be updated to v1. Support for v1beta1 will be removed in a future release. Support for v1alpha1 has been removed. See Upgrade ECK for more information.

Webhook validationedit

Webhook validation has been re-introduced. This allows for additional validation when Elastic resources are created or updated. See Configure the validating webhook for more information.

Multiple namespace managementedit

ECK can now manage multiple specific namespaces simultaneously. Previously a single instance of ECK could manage either all namespaces or a single namespace. See Configure ECK for more information.

License managementedit

Handling of licenses has been greatly improved. If the license changes, all new clusters will use it and all existing clusters will be upgraded to the new license. See Manage licenses in ECK for more information.

Service mesh compatibilityedit

Compatibility with service mesh systems such as Istio has been improved, with changes such as #2038.