Remove Elastic Cloud Enterpriseedit

You might need to remove Elastic Cloud Enterprise for one of the following reasons:

  • If the installation process does not complete successfully and you cannot troubleshoot the issue.
  • If you are de-provisioning a host and want to remove the installed Elastic Cloud Enterprise software.

You remove Elastic Cloud Enterprise by removing all containers on the host:

  • If using Docker
docker rm -f frc-runners-runner frc-allocators-allocator $(docker ps -a -q); sudo rm -rf /mnt/data/elastic/ && docker ps -a
  • If using Podman
sudo podman rm -f frc-runners-runner frc-allocators-allocator $(sudo podman ps -a -q); sudo rm -rf /mnt/data/elastic && sudo podman ps -a

If you plan to reinstall Elastic Cloud Enterprise on the host, make sure you delete the host from the Cloud UI first. Reinstallation can fail if the host is still associated with your old Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation.

During installation, the system generates secrets that are placed into the /mnt/data/elastic/bootstrap-state/bootstrap-secrets.json secrets file, unless you passed in a different path with the --host-storage-path parameter. Keep the information in the bootstrap-secrets.json file secure by removing it from its default location and placing it into a secure storage location.