Limitations and Known Problems

The following limitations and known problems apply to the 1.0.0-beta2 release of Elastic Cloud Enterprise:

  • Previous releases in the Pioneer Program referred to the concept of regions. In the current release, the Elastic Cloud Enterprise design has been updated and the installation process no longer prompts you for a region value. You might still see references to the concept in the Cloud UI until they are removed in a future release.
  • Disk space quotas might not work as expected and are not supported in current releases.
  • Pending plan changes for your cluster in the Cloud UI that would exceed available capacity will fail as expected but might then require you to manually recover from the failure. (To recover, locate the details for the plan attempt and copy the diff; manually edit the diff to revert to the original plan and apply the modified plan into the Advanced cluster configuration panel.)
  • X-Pack monitoring features and Marvel can be used only to send monitoring data between Elasticsearch clusters that are running the same version.
  • Rebooting an Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation might require additional manual intervention to work, especially on CentOS and RHEL. We recommend you not reboot your installation.
  • If you install Elastic Cloud Enterprise on AWS, you likely need to modify the cluster endpoint, as the public hostname resolves to a different IP address externally than it does internally on the cluster.
  • The Cloud UI includes functionality to add new versions of Elasticsearch and Kibana. This functionality is not supported and requires new versions to be prepared for Elastic Cloud Enterprise. You should not attempt to add new versions unless guided by Elastic.
  • Changing the generated password for the admin user on the administration console cluster that backs the Cloud UI is not supported. This is the admin user on the admin-console-elasticsearch cluster that gets created during the Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation and that is the only cluster visible in the Cloud UI on initial login.


    Do not change the generated password for the admin user on the administration console cluster or you risk losing administrative access to your cluster.

  • Changing the generated password for the root user that you use to access the Cloud UI is not supported.
  • Snapshots and snapshot restoring are not supported in this release, but will be supported soon. If you move nodes off an allocator, you should skip the options in the Cloud UI to take a snapshot and to restore from the snapshot.