Install ECE offlineedit

Installing ECE on hosts without internet access is commonly referred to as an offline or air-gapped installation. Before you start, you must:

  • Download the Elasticsearch and Kibana images and installation script from Elastic and load them on your hosts, or push them to your private Docker registry. You need to download both the Elastic Stack pack and the Docker images for the same version.

    • For versions before 5.0, refer to the Support Matrix to check which versions can be used together.
    • For version 5.0 and later, the versioning of Elasticsearch and Kibana is synchronized and versions where the major, minor, and patch levels match can be used together. Differences in build versions indicated by a dash do not affect compatibility. For example, Elasticsearch 5.1.2-2 can be used with Kibana 5.1.2.
  • Be part of the docker group to run the installation script. You should not install Elastic Cloud Enterprise as the root user.
  • Set up your wildcard DNS record.
  • Set up and run a local copy of the Elastic Package Repository, otherwise your deployments with APM server and Elastic agent won’t work. Refer to the Running EPR in airgapped environments documentation.

When you are ready to install ECE, you can proceed: