Change the ECE API URLedit

You can configure the HTTPS URL used to access the ECE API. You can specify either a DNS host name or an IP address. The primary use for this is to enable single sign-on on your deployments, so you can log into Kibana and Enterprise Search automatically once logged in to ECE.

To change the ECE API URL in the Cloud UI:

  1. Log into the Cloud UI.
  2. From the Platform menu, select Settings.
  3. Select Edit and update the API URL setting.
  4. Select Update and then Save to confirm the change.

To set the API base URL during installation or upgrade you can supply the --api-base-url command line argument:

bash <(curl -fsSL install --api-base-url $ECE_HTTPS_URL

bash <(curl -fsSL upgrade --api-base-url $ECE_HTTPS_URL

For existing deployments, the new ECE API URL will take effect whenever the deployment configuration plan is next updated.