API Reference

A RESTful API is available to roll your own automation. In Elastic Cloud Enterprise 1.1.4, our RESTful API supports Elasticsearch and Kibana cluster automation. Future releases will provide additional automation for the Elastic Cloud Enterprise platform.

The API is organized into several sections:

  • Clusters: CRUD operations to define Elasticsearch and Kibana clusters and to manage them.
  • Platform: Manage the Elastic Cloud Enterprise platform itself. Manage allocators, define global configurations, security settings, and snapshot repositories.
  • Stack: Manage the available versions of the Elastic Stack products in your Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation.

API Base Path: /api/v1/

To allow you to build API clients or use your favorite OpenAPI-enabled development tool, the API definition is also available in OpenAPI 2.0 format.


We currently support basic authentication with the same root user and password that you use to log into the Cloud UI. The credentials are provided when you install Elastic Cloud Enterprise on your first host and can also be retrieved separately.

Future versions of Elastic Cloud Enterprise will support additional authentication methods and multiple users.

Learn More

To learn more about using our RESTful API, see: