Administering your installation


Administering your installationedit

Now that you have Elastic Cloud Enterprise up and running, take a look at the things you can do to keep your installation humming along, from adding more capacity to dealing with hosts that require maintenance or have failed:

  • Scale Out Your Installation - Need to add more capacity? Here’s how.
  • Assign Roles to Hosts - Make sure new hosts can be used for their intended purpose after you install ECE on them.
  • Enable Maintenance Mode - Perform administrative actions on allocators safely by putting them into maintenance mode first.
  • Move Nodes From Allocators - Moves all Elasticsearch clusters and Kibana instances to another allocator, so that the allocator is no longer used for handling user requests.
  • Delete Hosts - Remove a host from your ECE installation, either because it is no longer needed or because it is faulty.
  • Perform Host Maintenance - Apply operating system patches and other maintenance to hosts safely without removing them from your ECE installation.
  • Manage Elastic Stack Versions - View, add, or update versions of the Elastic Stack that are available on your ECE installation.
  • Upgrade Your Installation - A new version of Elastic Cloud Enterprise is available and you want to upgrade. Here’s how.