The configuration for an Elastic Stack node type.


This endpoint is deprecated and scheduled to be removed in the next major version. This field will soon be removed in favor of having a global capacity constraint for all node types.

Capacity constraints for the node type

compatible_node_types (array[string])
Node types that are compatible with this one
description (string, required)
Description of the node type
mandatory (boolean)
Flag to specify a node type is mandatory in a cluster's plan
name (string, required)
Name of the node type
node_type (string, required)
Type of the node (master, data, …​)
settings (object)
Settings that are applied to all nodes of this type


   "capacity_constraints" : {
      "max" : 0,
      "min" : 0
   "compatible_node_types" : [
   "description" : "string",
   "mandatory" : true,
   "name" : "string",
   "node_type" : "string",
   "settings" : {}