Information about a given allocator


allocator_id (string)
Identifier for this allocator
capacity (AllocatorCapacity)
The current total and used capacity for this allocator
features (array[string])
List of features associated with this allocator. Note this is only present for backwards compatibility purposes and is scheduled for removal in the next major version release.
host_ip (string)
Host IP of this allocator
instances (array[AllocatedInstanceStatus])
metadata (array[MetadataItem])
Arbitrary metadata associated with this allocator
public_hostname (string)
Public hostname of this allocator
region (string)
The region that this allocator belongs to. Only populated in SaaS or federated ECE.
settings (AllocatorSettings)
An Allocators settings
status (AllocatorHealthStatus)
Status of this allocator
zone_id (string)
Identifier of the zone