Updates the current useredit

Updates the current user.


PATCH /api/v1/user

Request bodyedit

(string) (required) All changes in the specified object are applied to the current user according to the JSON Merge Patch processing rules. Omitting existing fields causes the same values to be reapplied. Specifying a null value reverts the field to the default value, or removes the field when no default value exists.




User successfully updated



  • Some of the provided roles are invalid. (code: user.roles.invalid)
  • Some of the provided roles are forbidden. (code: user.roles.forbidden)
  • Trying to set a restricted field. (code: user.restricted_field)
  • External users cannot be modified. (code: user.cannot_modify_external)
  • Built-in users cannot be modified. (code: user.cannot_modify)


x-cloud-error-codes (string; allowed values: [user.roles.invalid, user.roles.forbidden, user.restricted_field, user.cannot_modify_external, user.cannot_modify])
The error codes associated with the response


User not found. (code: user.not_found)


x-cloud-error-codes (string; allowed values: [user.not_found])
The error codes associated with the response

Request exampleedit

curl -XPATCH https://{{hostname}}/api/v1/user \
-H "Authorization: ApiKey $ECE_API_KEY" \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'