Revert to deprecated CORS header handlingedit

  1. On a host that holds the director role:
docker run \
    -v "$HOME/.found-shell:/elastic_cloud_apps/shell/.found-shell" \
    --env SHELL_ZK_AUTH=$(docker exec -it frc-directors-director bash -c 'echo -n $FOUND_ZK_READWRITE') \
    $(docker inspect -f '{{ range .HostConfig.ExtraHosts }} --add-host {{.}} {{ end }}' frc-directors-director)  \
    --env \
    --rm -it \
    $(docker inspect -f '{{ .Config.Image }}' frc-directors-director) \
  1. On all of the proxy hosts:
docker rm -f frc-proxies-proxyv2

To avoid downtime, you might want to recreate the proxy hosts one-by-one, and wait until they come back and are ready to serve requests.