Elastic Cloud Enterprise 2.6.2edit

This version includes fixes for the following bugs and known issues:

  • Make sure client-forwarder process stops if failing to bind to port.
  • On ECE installs with UID different than 1000 there was a race condition for applying keystore managed secrets on newly created hosts. For secrets that were mandatory in Elasticsearch this could cause bootloop failures on any plan change that needed to add or replace instances. On allocators where the ECE data directory is owned by UID 1000 this does not apply. For non mandatory secrets the secret would be added after the instance had started.
  • ECE 2.6 has a bug that allowed users to upgrade their system deployments to 7.x, which causes system instability when applied to the Admin or Logging & Metrics deployments. ECE 2.6.2 includes a fix to block users from upgrading these clusters to 7.x, instead only allowing them to upgrade to the latest 6.x version. Later versions of ECE will support 7.x system clusters and will upgrade them automatically.
  • A bug was introduced in ECE 2.6 where the validation error, "Logging settings can only be specified if the cluster has a target deployment set for log delivery.", is returned when updating or creating a deployment with logging-related user settings. In ECE 2.6.2 the validation is removed.

To upgrade your Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation to this latest version, check Upgrade your installation.

Release date: September 24th, 2020