Elastic Cloud Enterprise 1.0.2edit

New for Elastic Cloud Enterprise version 1.0.2:

  • Our main improvement in this version. Moving to the latest version of Elastic Cloud Enterprise no longer requires reinstalling ECE. Elastic Cloud Enterprise now supports live upgrading to new versions of ECE with little or no downtime for managed clusters. To learn more, check Upgrade Your Installation.
  • The Elastic Stack packs shipped with Elastic Cloud Enterprise have been updated. ECE now ships with Elasticsearch 2.4.6 and Kibana 4.6.5, along with the previously included Elasticsearch and Kibana version 5.4.1. To learn more about these versions of the Elastic Stack, check the following articles:

  • A number of bug fixes improve the installation and stability of Elastic Cloud Enterprise. For example:

    • The installation script now performs additional tests to ensure that all prerequisites are met before installing ECE.
    • Cluster configuration changes have been made safer with additional plan validation checks.
    • The RESTful API and the API documentation have received a number of smaller fixes and corrections.