The topology of the Kibana nodes, including the number, capacity, and type of nodes, and where they can be allocated.


instance_configuration_id (string)
Controls the allocation of this topology element as well as allowed sizes and node_types. It needs to match the id of an existing instance configuration.
kibana (KibanaConfiguration)
The Kibana instance settings. When specified at the top level, provides a field-by-field default. When specified at the topology level, provides the override settings.
memory_per_node (integer as int32)
The memory capacity in MB for each node of this type built in each zone.
node_count_per_zone (integer as int32)
The number of nodes of this type that are allocated within each zone (i.e. total capacity per zone = node_count_per_zone * memory_per_node in MB).
size (TopologySize)
Measured by the amount of a resource. The final cluster size is calculated using multipliers from the topology instance configuration.
zone_count (integer as int32)
number of zones in which nodes will be placed


   "instance_configuration_id" : "string",
   "kibana" : {
      "docker_image" : "string",
      "system_settings" : {
         "elasticsearch_password" : "string",
         "elasticsearch_url" : "string",
         "elasticsearch_username" : "string"
      "user_settings_json" : {},
      "user_settings_override_json" : {},
      "user_settings_override_yaml" : "string",
      "user_settings_yaml" : "string",
      "version" : "string"
   "memory_per_node" : 0,
   "node_count_per_zone" : 0,
   "size" : {
      "resource" : "string",
      "value" : 0
   "zone_count" : 0