Elastic Cloud Enterprise 2.13.2edit

The following change is included in this release.

Bug fixedit

Rotation Script doesn’t show an error when user managed certificates are expired. This update fixes a bug for which error messages were not shown for expired user managed certificates for stack components. Warning messages like the following are now shown:

· Proxy (Managed by user): Sun Mar 13 10:36:44 UTC 2022 [EXPIRED]
· Director Clients Certificate: Sun Mar 24 14:58:18 UTC 2022 [Expiring in 10 days]
· Zookeeper Servers Certificate: Sun Mar 15 14:58:17 UTC 2022 [Expiring in 1 days]

This bug fix does not include any changes to the ECE platform or components, so if you have a current ECE installation there is no need to upgrade to version 2.13.2.