Elastic Cloud Enterprise 2.12.2edit

The following changes are included in this release.

Bug fixesedit

Add director client forwarder certificate rotation to unified script. Adds support for recovering directors when client forwarder certificates have expired.

[Bootstrap] Regen certs if instance node names don’t match Org Ids. Handles regenerating certifications on nodes where there is a mismatch between Org Ids and node names, following the previous fix from ECE 2.12.1.

[Bootstrap] Update more owned entity Org ids. Handles updating the organization_id on owned entities not handled in the previous fix from ECE 2.12.1. Specifically, IpFilters that were created in ECE 2.9.2 may have disappeared from the UI when upgrading to version 2.12.0, but were functionally still in place; this fix brings them back into view so they can be managed.

Certs/rotate proxy cloudui default certs. Rotates proxy and cloud-ui default certifications when running the certificate rotation script, if the certifications are managed by ECE.

Elastic Stack 7.15.0 to 7.15.1 upgrade hotfix Fixed a bug that could cause cluster upgrades from Elastic Stack version 7.15.0 to 7.15.1 to fail with an error indicating that the operator is unauthorized.